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I am blown away by what transpired yesterday. Henry's Blood Drive in combination with Keller Williams Downtown's RED Day we were able to host a one of a kind blood donation event. 

Early in the morning I met an AMAZING family of four kids, who's daughter has had several heart surgeries, each time requiring a blood transfusion. Her and I have very similar stories in our third child being sick while having a newborn at home. Our hearts connected and she brought the entire family down so she herself could give blood to support Henry. I was in awe of her and her family and THAT is the reason we want to bring awareness of the event. 

I am blown away by all the love and SUPPORT of my KW Family. These men and women went above and beyond to make this day super special. My awesome agents volunteered to be superheroes, they donated blood, donated money for the event, and even a few brave souls went in the dunk tank and raised some money for my favorite charity KW CARES. 

We had friends out of state join us, friends who squeezed us in from in between kids sporting events and graduations and even had my 81 and 85 year old grandparents drive to Downtown Denver to celebrate with us. I even had a chance to met an amazing donor who has given over 75 gallons of blood and still continues to do so every eight weeks and every time she goes out of state she finds the local blood bank to go donate either blood or platelets. Talk about a true superhero!

Throughout the day so many of our family, friends and even strangers showed up to give blood. We had so many people still wanting to donate and had up to an hour and half wait and finally Bonfils ran out of supplies so we couldn't take any more donors. We had so many first time donors, which is insane and awesome all in the same sentence! Yesterday 45 pints of blood was given, 13 people signed up to be a bone marrow donor, 145 people will be saved, and ultimately you gave one family the best days of their lives!

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